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Proper knowledge makes action effective. We help clients see the big picture and discover hidden nuance through user research.

Relevant Contexts

  • We have an idea for a product but want to understand what users really need.

  • We know users want more from our product but we need a clearer picture.

  • We have a research protocol and just need someone to collect data.

  • We already have some data but need someone to make sense of it.

  • We want to find opportunities to disrupt our industry.

  • We don't have access to users and need help recruiting them.

  • Our users are on a remote island and we need someone to go there.

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User research for veterinary software in four countries
Creative Navy were able to come on board and understand what users wanted from the system in a very short time.
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Carolina DavisProject Manager @IDEXX Labs
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We create research protocols, collect data and analyse it to make thoughtful recommendations.

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